The wilderness camp is on the other side of the bay and you need a boat orcanoe to get there.

Here you can travel on day trips or overnight stays. Bath in the Lundevannet
and go for walks in the area.

The campsite is ready for campfire cooking. There
are opportunities to set up a tent and spend the night in a hammock.
All the equipment needed to do this must be self-contained and brought to the

A wonderfully peaceful area where one really is out in nature.

The area consists
of high steep mountains, woods with large and old trees, rocky shores, and
open rock / nature down to the water.

A fantastic place to explore and find
peace. Imagine waking up to a view of the Lundevannet from a hammock.

Nature can offer challenges, and this is a journey at your own risk.

The wilderness camp is under construction.
Contact the staff for more information. Guide can help show the area.