All guests can use the dock. Nice place to be. Where one can enjoy the proximity to the water and the beautiful surroundings.

There are 2 bathing stairs on the dock that one can use for down and up from the water. It is nice to go out in the water from the land too. Swimming and sunbathing for the whole family. There are also tables and chairs that you can use. 

A fire pit is available for burning wood. Firewood must be purchased.

Canoes and rental boats are located at the dock. See information on rental and prices on own pages. 



The water at the dock is called the Lundevannet and is 19 km long and at the deepest 320 meters. 

This is fresh water and regulated for electricity. 

There are opportunities to fish in the Lundevannet without a fishing license. 

The types of fish that are available here are: Trout and char. 


We have for rent fishing rods, otters and nets. 

Contact staff.

If one wants to fish in other waters in the immediate area, then require a fishing license. Contact staff. 

There are opportunities to rent fishing gear and life jackets. It is mandatory to wear life jackets in Norway when you are in a boat.